Jade Iginla

Jade Iginla

Women’s Hockey – Targeting Milan Cortina 2026

2022 IIHF U18 Women’s World Championship Gold Medalist
Brown University, NCAA Division 1 – Class of 2026
Social Followers: Instagram, 2,714 Followers
Hometown: Kelowna, British Columbia

The next Iginla?

For as long as Jade can remember, hockey has been a part of her life.

The daughter of Kara and long-time NHLer, Olympic Gold Medalist, and Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee, Jarome Iginla, Jade has been witness to the hard work and dedication required to achieve hockey greatness.

The oldest of three kids, Jade learned to skate at age 2. She was drawn to sports from an early age, figure skating and playing softball before turning to hockey full-time.

In true Canadian fashion, some of her fondest memories are from competing against her brothers Tij and Joe in their backyard rink built by their dad.

Growing up with an NHL father meant living in multiple cities and while Jade spent time in Calgary, Colorado, Boston, and Kelowna, hockey and family were always the two constants in her life.

With her developing leadership skills on-and-off the ice and her father to look up to as a role model, Jade seems destined to pave her own path as a rising star in the world of hockey.

And, she’s already well on her way.

Her international debut came with a gold medal win at the 2022 U18 Women’s World Championship, earning her an invite to the August 2022 Women’s National Team Camp alongside some of her favourite Olympians like Marie-Philip Poulin.

The young forward’s rise through the ranks also caught the eye of Brown University’s coach, who recruited her for the NCAA Division 1 Hockey Team, where she will compete through 2022-2026.

Each personal and team victory has brought Jade one step closer to reaching her dream:

Competing for Team Canada at the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic Games.

And while her high performance journey is just beginning, she’s motivated to make a name for herself and inspire a new generation of fans and eventually become...

...the next Iginla.

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