Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

MLB — Toronto Blue Jays

2023 MLB Home Run Derby Winner
2021 AL MVP Runner-Up
2021 AL Home Run Leader (48 tie)
2021 Hank Aaron Award Recipient (AL Best Hitter)
2021 MLB All-Star Game MVP (Youngest Player in History)
2021 MLB All-Star Game Leading Vote-Getter (Youngest Player in History)
2019 MLB Home Run Derby Runner-Up
Social Following: Instagram, 1,000,000
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Canada's baseball history has had a few defining moments.

The Blue Jays have given the country dramatic back-to-back World Series wins and recent playoff runs, but the moment when a four-year old Vlad Guerrero Jr. joined his father at second base and tipped his cap to the Montreal fans as a way of saying au revoir — until we meet again — was among the most memorable for Les Expos.

The Montreal-born Guerrero Jr. made his homecoming in a 2018 pre-season series between the Blue Jays and St. Louis Cardinals and started making some new memories.

Donning his father's number 27 jersey, with the game locked in a scoreless tie in the bottom of the ninth, Guerrero Jr. crushed the second pitch deep to left-centre for a walk-off home run

It was a scene that played out regularly in Montreal for eight years: The mention of Vladimir Guerrero Sr.'s name over the Olympic Stadium sound system, followed by loud cheers and a standing ovation.

It was a transcendent moment for Guerrero Jr. who was surprised by the club with the number 27.

"It motivates me to have my dad's number on my back and to wear his number."

When asked about the crowd's reaction to the number, Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons understood the importance to the city.

"I know he feels pretty good about that. His dad was a legend here," said Gibbons.

Over the past 15 years, Guerrero Jr. has emerged as a prodigious offensive talent who's seemingly destined for baseball greatness.

He’s been able to manage the pressure that comes with following your father into the major leagues.

"I don't feel pressure. I think it gives me more energy and excitement," Guerrero Jr. noted. "My dad's a Hall of Famer and I want to be like him. I'm just trying to give my 100 percent and have fun when I go out there, like he did."

At age 19, Guerrero Jr. led the Minor Leagues in hitting (.381), slugging (.636) and OPS (1.120) while reaching Triple-A and establishing his reputation as the top prospect in baseball.

He’ll look to take the lessons of his father to the ballpark everyday and give Canadian baseball fans even more defining moments.

“What I learned most from my dad is being humble and having fun every time I go out there on the field,” said Guerrero Jr. 

“He’s always told me that and that’s what I do, and that’s what I’m going to keep doing.”

On April 26, 2019, Guerrero Jr. made his major league debut with the Blue Jays but his breakout moment would have to wait until the MLB All-Star Weekend in Cleveland.

After accepting an invitation to compete in the MLB Home Run Derby, Guerrero Jr. set a new record crushing 91 total homers including a 488-foot blast that announced his presence to the rest of the baseball world.

The drama intensified in a challenging semi-final against Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson.

Pederson matched Guerrero Jr.’s 29 homers swing for swing. Then, in a minute-long tiebreaker, both sluggers hit eight. In a three-swing double-tiebreaker, they each hit two. In the triple-tiebreaker, Guerrero finally prevailed, going long on his first two swings.

And while Pete Alonso ultimately claimed the derby title...Vlad Guerrero Jr. stole the show.

Now heading to his first All-Star Game as the leading vote-getter in the MLB with an astonishing 2,704,788 votes, Guerrero Jr. is beginning to fulfill his generational potential at the plate...and in the field.

At the 2021 All-Star Game, Guerrero Jr. continued his meteoric rise in baseball hitting a towering 468-foot shot to center field that led the American League to victory and Vlad into the record books as the MVP.

Vlad's historic season ended by leading the Amercian League in home runs (48 tie) and finishing second in AL MVP voting the future of baseball had truly arrived 

In 2023, Vladdy returned to the MLB Home Run Derby with a more seasoned approach to make it to the final without swinging for th record books in any of the earlier rounds with 26 homers in the first round and 21 homers in the semi-finals

His strategy paid off with 25 more homeruns in the final to defeat Randy Arozarena who finished with 23. 

With the win, Vladdy joined his Hall of Fame dad as the only father-son duo to be named Homerun Derby champs.

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